I’ve worked with Scott over the past ten years and he’s always been a great mediator. He has good follow up, he’s very level headed and persuasive and people like him and take him seriously. Overall, Scott has a certain sense of gravitas that gives him credibility with both sides.

— Michael J. Partos, Partner | Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP

- Michael J. Partos, Partner | Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP

We have a very high percentage of cases that get settled with Scott as he brings to each case the balance and temperament to help parties see each other’s perspective, which helps get cases resolved. We tend to use him on cases that have more business and financial issues such as contractual dispute matters, but he also excels on cases that have some emotions attached and even professional liability cases. Scott is one of our top ‘go to’ mediators across the board for any type of matter.

— Tim Agajanian, Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley PC

- Tim Agajanian, Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley PC

What I like best about Scott is that he comes armed with his 40 years of experience and that’s very helpful as I can use that to persuade counsel on the other side. He has the experience, the know-how, and understands how judges think, so you know how your case will end up if you don’t mediate. He helped settled my case in just two or three hours. It was easy!

— Attorney at Hanson Bridgett LLP

- Attorney at Hanson Bridgett LLP

I mediated a full case with Scott and what I found unique about his work is that he really made it seem as though he was advocating for our side. It was a great tactic and it led to a better settlement. It also made me want to continue using him. As a practicing lawyer, he demonstrated that he had significant experience in the subject matter, he was adept in the practice of mediation, and most importantly, he had the energy and desire to stay as long as it took to reach a settlement.

— Paul Marks, Neufeld Marks

- Paul Marks, Neufeld Marks

Scott helped us resolve two matters and he had credibility with both sides because he is very knowledgeable with experience in commercial and business litigation. He knows how to push both sides towards resolution even when it is not their inclination to do so, and he didn’t just split the difference.  Instead, he looks at the merits
of each case and makes educated recommendations for each side to consider. We were pleased with the services and outcome he helped us achieve and we would use him again. I’ve been doing this for 37 years and I recognize a good mediator when I see one like Scott.

— Stephen Ensberg, Ensberg Law Group

- Stephen Ensberg, Ensberg Law Group

Scott really goes the extra mile to help parties reach an agreement. Scott has mediated several eminent domain cases that I have litigated. These are always difficult cases because they involve complex valuations as well as strong emotions. Scott has a calming personality that allows him to diffuse the emotions and a sharp intellect that helps to simplify the complexities of the valuations. He’s been able to resolve any cases I have mediated with him and he’s done it through hard work and persistence.

— Todd Moore, Hahn & Hahn

- Todd Moore, Hahn & Hahn

My partner and I have done numerous mediations and Scott is one of the best mediators that we have had the pleasure to work with. He was just relentless in his efforts to get our case resolved.  After an initial full day of mediation, he continued to work on our case for another 10 days by reaching out to us and the other party. As a mediator, Scott demonstrates an excellent understanding of both the law and the facts, and helps the parties understand where they are right and where they need to bend, so that everyone can accept the outcome.

— Courtney Overland, Overland & Overland

- Courtney Overland, Overland & Overland

I’ve mediated with Scott on a number of matters on commercial, contract and vehicle cases and found him to always be well prepared, hardworking, and innovative in thinking of possible solutions for a case. Additionally, his demeanor is always professional and courteous. I would be happy to work with him again.

— Armen Hairapetian, Hairapetian & Hairapetian

- Armen Hairapetian, Hairapetian & Hairapetian

Scott has mediated six cases for my clients over a 12 year period. Others in my firm have used him.  He is the most effective mediator I have ever used, and I have used many.  He is better than almost all the retired judges out there. He understands each case thoroughly before you start. He listens intently and asks the right questions to fill any gaps.  He is unusually efficient and always forthright.  He does not shirk from difficult, stressful directives, or kill time to try and wear out the parties.  He is principled and does not try to peddle a bogus narrative. If you have a strong case he will tell the other side rather than try to beat on you with weak arguments to soften you up in order to avoid pushback from the other side. He will work all night and does not let go until the case is resolved. One time he kept his lovely wife waiting in the lobby until at least midnight on their anniversary rather than give up. The best.

— Thomas E. Shuck, Parker Milliken

- Thomas E. Shuck, Parker Milliken

Scott takes a very practical approach to mediation and tries to set aside the legal issues to learn what is really motivating both sides. Once he understands the parties’ motives, he works creatively and tirelessly to try and settle the case. He empathizes with the parties and is very effective in helping them appreciate the value of
compromising rather than continuing to litigate.

— Jeffrey Huron, Dykema

- Jeffrey Huron, Dykema

We had a really tough matter to mediate. Not only was Scott persistent at the mediation but he was extremely persistent in the follow through. Our matter was particularly tough from a lack of leverage with an added difficulty of counsel perspective, but Scott was able to handle that effectively, as well. I don’t think I would have been able to settle this case with a lot of other mediators. I would strongly recommend that people who have difficult cases or difficult parties, work with Scott Gilmore.

— Daniel Goodkin, Goodkin APC

- Daniel Goodkin, Goodkin APC
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